What does my body need right now?

What does my body need right now?

This is a moment to reconnect with your body. Find a comfortable space and time to quickly scan your entire body. Start by taking a few deep long breaths to ground yourself. You can try feeling the weight of your body on your feet or tuning in to the internal rhythm of your body. What is it that you are feeling? Is there pain, fatigue, spaces of tension? Is your body feeling heavy, light or full of energy?

Identify and name this feeling. It is okay to feel what you are feeling within your body. On a physical level, some of us may feel the fatigue and may just want to disconnect for a while, or some of us may feel emptiness and a need to laugh out loud, spend time with our pets, and relax in bed.

Take a moment to stretch, shift and breathe again.

What has contributed to your body feeling this way?

Would you like to change how your body feels right now?

What would support you to make that change right now?

Can I give myself permission to give my body what it needs, right now?


Tell us, what does rest look like for you?

What are some of those magic moments that you have managed to create to cope in the last year?

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