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Who Are We?

At POSHequili (POSH at Equilibrio Advisory LLP), we aim to support organisations and institutions striving to build Equitable & Safe Spaces through our focussed legal remedies and psychosocial support.

Primarily engaging with the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (POSH LAW), we provide services to our partner organisations, to ensure efficient compliance with the Law, year after year.

We also firmly believe that incidents of sexual harassment are grave, with deep rooted impact not only physical, mental, emotional but may also have long term impact regards opportunities and relationships in both a professional and personal context. This impact to mental health and wellbeing are often felt during the inquiry process by all parties including the Internal Committee (IC), and we provide effective strategies to navigate, respond and cope.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work
Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work

Moreover, we understand that some of our existing social systems, bias and prejudice increase the vulnerability of women along with other marginalized identities at the workplace. In our efforts to achieve our vision of safe and equitable workspaces we recognize that there are multiple identities each person holds. Thus, it’s important to look at intersections of identities and their vulnerability to experiencing violence.

For example, a person who identifies as a woman or a person with disability, or a lesbian, or someone of a marginalized caste among other identities; each such identity may either place the person on fringes & susceptible to systemic oppression or offer a position of privilege in the society, further determining their experience of violence.

At Equilibrio Advisory LLP, we acknowledge no person is immune to sexual harassment and recognize it may be particularly challenging for non-women to raise complaints of sexual harassment in the absence of the Law and stigma associated with it. Hence, through our offerings to clients through POSHequili, we promote prevention, support and redressal for sexual harassment to all persons equally, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, caste, ability, social status or any other aspect of social identity.

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POSHequili Envisions a Society

Diverse, Inclusive & Equitable

Where diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, safety, security and respect imbibe and form the base of any work or living environment.

No Bullying & Discrimination

Where admissions, grades, selections, recruitments, retention, promotions, and life is not negatively impacted due to bullying, discrimination, bias or harassment of any kind.

Respect for Well Being of All

Where physical, mental and emotional well-being of all is recognized, irrespective of their age, gender, sexuality, race, caste etc.

Respect for Laws & Policies

Where laws are adhered to in letter and spirit & laws, processes & policies are amended from time to time based on needs of the society.

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