Can I allow myself to breathe in this moment?

Can I allow myself to breathe in this moment?

The last year has brought a lot of sudden changes in our lives owing to the Pandemic. We have had to shift gear, adapt to a new way of living, working, and interacting with the world around us.

Many of us are still coping with these changes. Many of us have had to just keep moving and responding to the needs of those around us. Most of us have not had a moment to pause and reflect on what has been going on and our feelings in relation to all of it.

Can you, in this very moment

Allow yourself some time to PAUSE?

Give yourself permission to CLOSE your eyes, put away your ‘TO-DO’s’ and just take a deep, full, long BREATH of air?

Allow yourself a few moments to repeat this?



How did this pause make me feel?


Would I like to invite this pause in my day?


If we were an insect in your home, in the past year of your life

What would be some of the challenges we would have noticed around you?

What are some of the things we would see you do to cope with them?

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