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Train the Trainer Workshop is designed for an identified set of employees at the organization so that they can be trained by us as champions and continue the process of creating awareness amongst other employees internally. This helps in long term creation of local resources who can create awareness on a regular basis even if the attrition rate is high without any need for resorting to sessions by eternal trainers. Hence, it also reduces costs in the long run. 

Duration: Half Day

Batch Size: Maximum 25 participants


  1. Power point presentation
  2. Script which can be used along with PPT

You can scroll down to see the details of some of the topics we will cover during this session. Recording not permitted.

This program will also includes learning from: Videos, Case Scenarios and Real-life examples, Polling and POSH Quizzes. Sessions will be tailored to your Oragnization’s requirement. Hence, kindly provide us with a copy of your anti-sexual harassment / prevention of sexual harassment policy, list of IC members and other details that you would like us to be aware of when conducting the program.

Train the Trainer Workshop can also be tailored to the context of work from office & work from home and the practices / processes being followed by your Organization (if any). Alternatively, a call can be scheduled to discuss your expectations & requirements. Once you have placed the order, we will confirm the date and facilitator details.

Detailed About the Workshop

Boundaries are physical and emotional guidelines for interpersonal interactions. They help define an individual’s sense of self by separating one’s needs, thoughts, and feelings from those of others’. Considering our cultural values of conflict avoidance and compliance with others’ wishes, people often find it difficult to assert boundaries. This can lead to people not being able to recognize, communicate and respect their own as well as others’ boundaries. This paves way for inappropriate behavior and workplace harassment. Boundaries help in establishing acceptable workplace behaviour and informs of how this behaviour affects the way employees communicate with one another. Creating and maintaining appropriate boundaries in the workplace can ensure a healthy and respectful work environment.

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of boundaries
  3. How are boundaries formed
  4. Recognizing your own boundaries
  5. Impact of breaching boundaries
  6. Importance of creating boundaries
  7. When and why asserting boundaries can be difficult (Cultural context)
  8. How to assert boundaries
  9. Ways of setting healthy workplace boundaries

Did you know?

Creating a safe & healthy work environment is the responsibility of the Employer

Employee Awareness Program is mandatory under Law

Modality & duration of Program has not been defined under Law

Data related to Employee Awareness Program has to be mentioned in annual report to be submitted to government


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This session was good . I learnt useful points about this session . Thank you


Both the facilitators were very knowledgeable and conveyed the point across very clearly

Aspentech India Pvt Ltd

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Keep going with such sessions...great initiative.


Trainers were absolutely good with their communication and presentation skills and knowledge of the content as well

Quantum MF

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POSH Awareness Training is a specialized program designed to educate managers and HR professionals about the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act, its implications, and how to effectively handle complaints of sexual harassment in the workplace.
POSH Awareness Training is crucial for managers and HR to create a safe and respectful work environment, prevent incidents of sexual harassment, comply with legal requirements, and effectively address any issues that may arise.
Managers, HR professionals, and any employee in a supervisory role should participate in POSH Awareness Training to understand their roles and responsibilities in preventing and addressing sexual harassment at the workplace.
POSH Awareness Training sessions cover a range of topics including understanding sexual harassment, legal provisions under the POSH Act, complaint handling procedures, redressal mechanisms, and creating a culture of respect and inclusivity.
It is recommended that managers and HR professionals undergo POSH Awareness Training periodically, at least annually, to stay updated on the latest legal requirements, best practices, and to reinforce a culture of zero tolerance towards sexual harassment.
Implementing POSH Awareness Training helps in reducing incidents of sexual harassment, fostering a safe and respectful workplace culture, mitigating legal risks, enhancing employee trust, and showcasing the organization's commitment to promoting gender equality and inclusivity.
Managers and HR can apply the knowledge gained from POSH Awareness Training by proactively promoting awareness, promptly addressing any complaints or concerns related to sexual harassment, conducting fair and thorough investigations, and actively supporting a workplace culture built on respect and dignity.
Yes, POSH Awareness Training is mandated by the law for organizations as per the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, 2013, to ensure a safe working environment for all employees.

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