1 Hour Employee Awareness Program on POSH (Webinar)

Interactive session to educate & empower employees /staff about their rights as well as duties under the Law against Sexual Harassment.

Duration: 1 Hour

Batch Size: Maximum 100 participants


  1. Power Point Presentation,
  2. Do’s & Don’ts in Virtual Setting

You can scroll down to see the details of some of the topics we will cover during this session. Recording not permitted.

This program will also includes learning from: Videos, Case Scenarios and Real-life examples, Polling and Quizzes. Sessions will be tailored to your Oragnization’s requirement. Hence, kindly provide us with a copy of your anti-sexual harassment / prevention of sexual harassment policy, list of IC members and other details that you would like us to be aware of when conducting the program.

Session can also be tailored to the context of COVID-19 & work from home and the practices / processes being followed by your Organization (if any). Alternatively, a call can be scheduled to discuss your expectations & requirements. Once you have placed the order, we will confirm the date and facilitator details.




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Clients Feedback

The session was very informative and helpful. Thank You!

Tata 1mg

Thank you for imparting such a wonderful session. Knowledge sharing in terms of incidence or script is always proven helpful on this topic.

TATA 1mg Technologies Pvt Ltd

Thankyou very much for an enlightening and stimulating presentation. It was thoughtful of you to add those harassment cases for better understanding.

ROKI R&D India Pvt Ltd

Content of the session was informative and helpful. Hence self will suggest that we should atleast one session in a month.


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POSH stands for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, 2013. It is a legislation in India aimed at preventing and addressing cases of sexual harassment of women in the workplace.
An Employee Awareness Program on POSH is crucial to educate employees about their rights, responsibilities, and the procedures to address and prevent incidents of sexual harassment at the workplace. It helps create a safe and respectful work environment.
All employees, including executives, managers, staff, and contractors, are usually required to attend the Employee Awareness Program on POSH to ensure everyone is aware of the policies and procedures related to preventing sexual harassment.
Topics covered in an Employee Awareness Program on POSH typically include understanding sexual harassment, recognizing different forms of harassment, reporting mechanisms, support available to victims, legal provisions under POSH, and the roles and responsibilities of employees and the Internal Complaints Committee (IC).
The duration of an Employee Awareness Program on POSH can vary depending on the organization's policies and the depth of coverage required. Generally, it can range from a few hours to a full-day workshop.
The program is usually conducted by internal trainers or external experts trained in POSH laws and guidelines. These trainers are responsible for delivering the content effectively and facilitating discussions to enhance employee understanding.
Attending the program helps employees understand their rights, promotes a safe and respectful work culture, reduces the occurrence of sexual harassment incidents, empowers employees to report any misconduct without fear, and ensures compliance with legal requirements.
It is recommended that organizations conduct Employee Awareness Programs on POSH at regular intervals, such as annually or bi-annually, to reinforce the knowledge, raise awareness, and ensure continuous compliance with POSH regulations.
Yes, most programs encourage employee participation and questions to clarify doubts, share concerns, and foster open communication on the topic of sexual harassment prevention.
Employees can report incidents of sexual harassment through the designated Internal Complaints Committee (IC) within their organization. The procedure for reporting should be clearly explained during the Employee Awareness Program.

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