2 Hours Interactive Training Session for Human Resources Team & Managers (Webinar)

Educate HR/managers about the Law, its provisions and penalties; roles and responsibilities in creating healthy culture, in sensitizing staff as well as colleagues with respect to individual differences, setting clear boundaries & voicing their concerns; and support to internal committee.

Duration: 2 Hours

Batch Size: Maximum 100 participants


  1. Power Point Presentation
  2. Do’s & Don’ts in Virtual Setting

You can scroll down to see the details of some of the topics we will cover during this session. Recording not permitted.

This program will also includes learning from: Videos, Case Scenarios and Real-life examples, Polling and Quizzes. Sessions will be tailored to your Oragnization’s requirement. Hence, kindly provide us with a copy of your anti-sexual harassment / prevention of sexual harassment policy, list of IC members and other details that you would like us to be aware of when conducting the program.

Session can also be tailored to the context of COVID-19 & work from home and the practices / processes being followed by your Organization (if any). Alternatively, a call can be scheduled to discuss your expectations & requirements. Once you have placed the order, we will confirm the date and facilitator details.



This session is about role of leaders and managers at different levels so that the tone at the top can be set and so that the rest of the employees watch and learn from them. This session is to discuss the behaviour that is expected from leaders given the position they are at, the do’s and don’ts, how they should handle tough situations when individuals reach out to them with grievances and also how to handle situations such as emotional breakdown, emotional outburst of anger etc.

Definitions, Scope & Application

  1. Sexual Harassment: Definition, Types
  2. Understanding values of the Company & its mission to create inclusive workplaces in light of Law and policies
  3. Introducing Internal Committee (IC) and procedure for filing & redressal of a complaint sexual in nature
  4. Impact of Sexual Harassment & barriers in reporting cases of sexual harassment

Bias & Managing Multiple Roles

  1. Understanding difference between being friendly vs. being friends
  2. Bridging gender gaps by employing effective communication strategies
  3. Addressing different types of complaints reported in person or in online space
  4. Role of personal biases when receiving a complaint
  5. Managing multiple roles of mentor, manager, colleague, employee

Role & Support

  1. Providing support to parties in case of a complaint, maintaining confidentiality and its importance in managing the environment of the workplace, with special emphasis on policy against sexual harassment
  2. Role of leaders as brand custodians
  3. Discussion on appropriate statements to be made in media


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