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You can schedule a training/workshop/awareness program from here, for any weekday, whether it is for training your ICC members or employees in general.

All the training/awareness sessions are conducted by experts from the field of Law & Psychology – Please click here to read details about our experts.

POSHequili has been empanelled by the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India, to conduct training / awareness sessions on the law of sexual harassment at workplace. It is the only organization to have been so recognized for the State of Maharashtra. Click here to read more.

Kinds of Training/Awareness Sessions we conduct:

  1. Employee Awareness sessions
  2. Gender Sensitization sessions
  3. ICC Training
  4. Manager Training
  5. Management Training

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You can select the date and tell us your requirement below:

A basic Training and Awareness Program will cover the following broad points. However, training modules can also be specially made depending upon your requirement:

  1. Understanding of legal terms such as Sexual Harassment, Employee, Workplace etc. and finer nuances related to them
  2. Understanding duties of employer
  3. Introduction to the internal Policy of the Company
  4. Constitution & Composition of ICC
  5. Role & Responsibilities
  6. Filing of complaint
  7. Understanding the complaints mechanism including timelines
  8. Different scenarios of sexual harassment
  9. Impact on involved parties
  10. Importance of confidentiality and no retaliation
  11. Recommendations to be given to employer
  12. Statutory Reporting
  13. Understanding other related laws
  14. Preventive Measures
  15. Q&A

Also includes: Case laws, worksheets, case studies, role plays, learnings from real life examples etc.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss any details related to these sessions or want a session for a specific audience. We would be happy to create a special training program based on your requirements.

How will training/workshop/seminar/awareness program help?

  • These kind of sessions will ensure that your employees are aware of their rights as well as responsibilities.
  • It will also show that you have taken actual steps to prevent instances of sexual harassment.
  • It will help your ICC deal with complaints in a much better manner.
  • It will instill faith of the employees in the organization.
  • It will create gender sensitive work environment.
  • If conducted in a manner not to scare employees to work with the opposite gender but to work in a healthy environment respecting the equal right of each other to work in that environment, would lead to positivity and work productivity.
  • It will ensure that you have duly complied with the provisions of Law with respect to conducting training/awareness sessions.

How will I know that the training/workshop/seminar/awareness program was effective?

We have several ways to ensure that the sessions are effective. If you have any queries to seek to discuss this in detail, please contact us.

We have answered some more questions in the Need Help? section. You can check that or simply contact us.

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