22nd Apr 2022 – Understanding Nuances Around Interim Measures Under POSH Law

In this meeting, we discussed legal and practical challenges through real life scenarios, case judgments, and case studies about:

  1. Interim reliefs and what does the POSH law really allow or disallow?
  2. What does the process look like?
  3. Can action under Section 12 be taken without written request of the aggrieved woman?
  4. Multiple interim actions be taken during pendency of inquiry against different or same people possible?
  5. Can punitive action be taken during the pendency of an inquiry?
  6. Does the POSH Law allow for a party to be suspended from employment when an inquiry into a complaint of sexual harassment at workplace is pending?
  7. Can administrative orders be passed during pendency of inquiry? What if respondent is part of such team?
  8. If parties are mentally or economically impacted because of interim reliefs?

Modality – Virtual (Zoom meeting)

Date & Time – 22nd April 2022, 11:00 am to 01:00 pm

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