Jindal IC training Delhi

Feb – Mar 2019, Managers sessions, Internal Committee trainings and Train the trainer sessions at Jindal Steel Plant

Jindal Steel corporation has a robust population of managers and employees across locations. POSHequili conducted around 12 sessions for them.

Their managers/supervisors at the plant were explained in 3 hours long sessions about the varied aspects about boundaries, appropriate behaviour at the workplace, and also how to handle grievances of employees who may be reporting to them, do’s and don’ts of the same. These sessions were extremely insightful and attracted various perspectives and scenarios being handled by the managers on a daily basis.

The IC trainings were full day covering nuances and aspects of the law, concpets, and process of inquiry and report drafting, there were also assessed post the sessions and given certifications by POSHequili after making the cut.

Train the trainer sessions trained, evaluated, assessed selected participants in imparting awareness sessions to other employees on the law, sexual harassment, what to do when you get a complaint, how are complaints handled by the IC along with preventive measures. They were trained through practical activities and role-plays.

Management session: Various members of higher management were apprised of the complaince requirements of the law, necessity, importance and significance of the same. The session was quite interactive with various challenging questions posed by the participants. Participation was ensured through case studies, real life examples, activities etc.

Managers Sessions – Raigarh

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