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Adv. Sana Hakim

She / Her

Counsel, Litigation ​Advisor & Trainer

Samriti Makkar Midha

She / Her

Psychologist (Clinical) & Queer Affirmative Psychotherapist

Adv. Prerana Saraf

She / Her

Legal Associate​, External Member & Trainer (POSH)​

Rosanna Rodrigues

She / Her

Legal Associate​, External Member & Trainer (POSH, POCSO, Mental Health)​

Shreya Kanaujja

Shreya Kanaujia

She / Her

Senior Legal Associate​, External Member & Trainer

Bindiya Rao

She / Her

Legal Associate, ​External Member & Trainer

Bhumika Jain

She / Her

Associate​, External Member & Trainer

Farzeen Khambatta

She / Her

Legal Associate, ​External Member & Trainer

POSH Certification

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POSH Certification Course – Contact Us for Details

Designed for IC members, HR, Ethics, Legal, Compliance or any one who would like to practice or an enthusiast in this space.

Employee Awareness Program

Interactive session to educate & empower employees /staff about their rights as well as duties under the POSH Law.

Session for HR & Managers

Educate HR/managers about the Law, its provisions and penalties; roles and responsibilities in creating healthy culture.

Program for Employer / Management

How & why employers should focus on complying with this law and creating healthy work environment.

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POSH Certification Workshop

Learn from POSH Experts

Who is this Program for?

Internal Committee members of any and all organizations, External members, folx belonging to Human Resources, Ethics, Legal, Compliance or any one who would like to practice or an enthusiast in this space.

What will you learn in the Program?

Handling complaints of sexual harassment and POSH inquiries effectively and gaining indepth knowledge of the law and other behavioural challenges for effective implementation of the POSH law.

What our client say about us!

Kavitha Harish 1

Thanks much, Sana, Bhumika and Team Equilibrio.

The tool kit is very helpful, for future reference.Appreciate all your efforts in conducting a great workshop.


Isha Karan 1

Firstly, we would like to express our appreciation for your commitment to our organization's efforts in promoting a safe and respectful workplace environment. Your involvement as an external member with expertise in this area has been instrumental in fostering a culture of trust and openness within our organization. Your extensive knowledge and experience in the field of sexual harassment prevention and awareness have been evident throughout our interactions and committee meetings. Your insights and guidance have helped us better understand the nuances of these sensitive issues and have contributed significantly to our policy development and training programs....

Dr. Prof. Meena S. Panse 1

POSH team have done the Gender Sensitization – awareness programs at VJTI for students and staff. These programs were conducted very well by them. All sessions were very informative. The team was extremely sincere, punctual, cooperative and professional. Starting from what is sexual harassment to every aspect of the Law was covered in a systematic manner. All the students and staff highly appreciated the sessions.

Kashmira Mewawala 1

Thank you for the educative session on POSH that you made to our ICC members on March 17, 2017. The narrative was well-structured, lucid and reinforced by examples from real-life-like situations. An especially good touch, were the ‘caselets’ you put before participants, seeking their responses on how they would act in given situations, which made the session interesting and ensured participation.

Mohan Pandit 1

Train the Trainer and the IC training conducted were very nice sessions for all days. Believe me, we did not feel like it is online. All our participants have enjoyed training a lot.Thank you so much and we are looking for such wonderful session and your wonderful guidance in future as well. The guidance of Sana ma’am & Shreya ma’am was very nice.

Ashish Bhakta 1

POSHequili, a lot to offer in terms of expertise, experience and latest trends. The essentials of such specialised practice are present in the three verticals of the organisation. We appreciated the professional and practical approach while interacting with the team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the POSH Certification Course free?
It is a paid POSH Certification workshop. The POSH Certification Workshop also includes giveaways, which are resources that are shared with the participants for better understanding and application of the POSH Act.
What happens if i pay for the session and cannot attend it?
If the the session is paid for but cannot be attended, then your seat will be reserved, for no extra payment, for the next workshop. POSHequili conducts 2-3 POSH certification workshops every year.
Is the POSH Certification workshop online or in-person?
The POSH Certification workshop is an online workshop.
What is an IC?
An Internal Committee (“IC“), as the name suggests, is an internal committee of a workplace to look into and redress complaints of sexual harassment. Every employer that has 10 or more employees, must constitute an IC.
How can IC members handle complaints?

IC members have to be regularly trained on the law and how they should handle complaints of sexual harassment i.e. how they can help the aggrieved woman file a complaint, how they can make her feel better, how to inform the alleged harasser, how to conduct the inquiry etc.

What happens if I do not fulfil the duties prescribed under law?

If you do not constitute the IC and fulfil the rest of the duties enshrined under the Act, there can be a penalty under the law which may extend to Rs. 50,000. In case of not fulfilling the duties repeatedly, the penalty can be doubled and in cases where one is required to obtain a license to do business, such license may be cancelled or an application for registration or renewal may be withdrawn and cancelled.

Can I get the recordings and powerpoint presentations of the workshop?
Recordings and presentations of the POSH certification workshop are not provided with the workshop but giveaways include many resources that are useful for the participants.
Is the POSH certification workshop interactive?
Yes, the POSH Certification Workshop is an interactive workshop which includes myriad of case studies, role plays, scenarios, videos etc.
Am I required to create awareness about prevention of sexual harassment amongst my employees?


How will training/workshop/seminar/awareness program help?
  • These kind of sessions will ensure that your employees are aware of their rights as well as responsibilities.
  • It will also show that you have taken actual steps to prevent instances of sexual harassment.
  • It will help your IC deal with complaints in a much better manner.
  • It will instil faith of the employees in the organization.
  • It will create gender sensitive work environment.
  • If conducted in a manner not to scare employees to work with the opposite gender but to work in a healthy environment respecting the equal right of each other to work in that environment, would lead to positivity and work productivity.
Is it mandatory to conduct training for IC?



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