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Kavitha Harish Thryve Digital Health LLP

Thanks much,

Sana, Bhumika and Team Equilibrio. The tool kit is very helpful, for future reference. Appreciate all your efforts in conducting a great workshop.


Isha Karan Air India Express

Dear Samriti,
I hope this message finds you well. We wanted to take a moment to provide some feedback regarding your role as the external member on our POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Internal Committee. Firstly, we would like to express our appreciation for your commitment to our organization's efforts in promoting a safe and respectful workplace environment. Your involvement as an external member with expertise in this area has been instrumental in fostering a culture of trust and openness within our organization. Your extensive knowledge and experience in the field of sexual harassment prevention and awareness have been evident throughout our interactions and committee meetings. Your insights and guidance have helped us better understand the nuances of these sensitive issues and have contributed significantly to our policy development and training programs. Additionally, we have noticed that you have a unique approach to sharing information and resources. Your recommendation of various books, articles, and research materials related to the topic of workplace harassment has been invaluable to our committee members. Further, your professionalism and dedication to maintaining confidentiality have been exemplary. This has created an environment where individuals feel safe coming forward with their concerns and seeking assistance when needed. In conclusion, we want to express our gratitude for your active participation and commitment to the POSH committee. Your contributions, both in terms of knowledge and resources, have had a positive impact on our organization's efforts to prevent sexual harassment and create a respectful workplace for all employees. Thank you once again for your valuable support, and I look forward to our continued collaboration.

Pinkal Rodrigues (she/her) People Strategy & Development Team, Mobile Premier League (MPL)

I have worked with POSH team in my previous organisation and my experience has been great during that stint which made it easier to connect with them for a new collaboration at MPL gaming. I truly believe that it’s the quality of service and content that makes us believe it is one of our best associations so far. The client relations team is extremely cordial and feedback oriented and there is a good amount of mutual respect and understanding. Trainers are the subject matter experts and all of them have delivered so well and made certain tough topics easy to understand and remember. When it comes to drafting policies, the team has been helpful and proactive with suggestions and examples. Range of sessions/programs has been a flexible and most promising part of the association as the team is always ready to accommodate our requests. There have been many good memories during our association but one of them that really stands out is when our company's framework was blended into the session scheduled with our leaders. This made them understand the topic very well and is still stuck with me 🙂 We look forward to your constant support in making MPL a safe place to work for all.

Mohan Pandit Assistant Manager (HR-Legal), Minda Industries Ltd.

Train the Trainer and the IC training conducted were very nice sessions for all days. Believe me, we did not feel like it is online. All our participants have enjoyed training a lot.Thank you so much and we are looking for such wonderful session and your wonderful guidance in future as well. The guidance of Sana ma’am & Shreya ma’am was very nice.

Kashmira Mewawala Head BD & Chief Ethics Counselor, Tata Capital Financial Services Limited

Thank you for the educative session on POSH that you made to our ICC members on March 17, 2017. The narrative was well-structured, lucid and reinforced by examples from real-life-like situations. An especially good touch, were the ‘caselets’ you put before participants, seeking their responses on how they would act in given situations, which made the session interesting and ensured participation.

Vibhuti Lall (She/Her/Hers) India Site HR Lead, Advance Auto Parts

Posh team has been a phenomenal partner for Advance Auto Parts, as we set our foundation in India. The team has been instrumental in creating our IC structure, training our managers and employees on important and upcoming, new gen aspects of sexual harassment, in addition to awareness of preventing of sexual harassment law. At Advance Auto parts India, we have a gender neutral POSH policy , that makes POSH team's role all the mor critical in creating the psychological safety, and they do a might good job at it. The team at Posh team is amazingly talented, supremely responsive, thoughtful and generous in their offering, as a trusted consultant and partner they have guided us every step of the way.

M. S. Venkatesh Chief HR Officer, DFM Foods Ltd

Posh team is one of the best organizations I have partnered with, for orienting and sensitizing all our employees on the POSH act 2013 and also on the aspect of anti sexual harassment since DFM Foods Limited follows the policy of Gender neutrality.The facilitators of Posh team are excellent with innovative and interesting methods of training employees on the importance and compliance behaviours under the legislation. Further, the Posh team is highly qualified, skilled, helpful and supportive on all aspects of not only filing the returns under the POSH act, but also play a very important role in sensitizing and training the IC team on the methods of conducting enquiries and updating them with the latest developments and case laws. I am quite happy with the services and I would highly recommend organizations to engage with POSH team to ensure 100% engagement and compliance!!!

Manish Pandey People | Culture | Research, Josh Talks

On behalf of Josh Talks, we would like to thank Sanya and the entire team of ‘POSH team’ for sharing their time and knowledge with us. All the sessions were extremely well-structured, informative and strongly supported with easily understandable examples. Through the team’s diligent guidance and advice, we were able to strengthen the safety and diversity of our work place by drafting guidelines and filing reports. We would like to wish ‘POSH team ‘all the best for all your future endeavours. Thank you.

Deepak Emraj HR Manager, Sage Intacct Inc.

My experiences with POSH team were stupendous through and through. They know their craft and walk the extra mile for you. The training sessions were handled with utmost focus and professionalism. I also appreciated working with people that care for you on a personal level instead of just handling you as a “client“. About learning – Touched upon all aspects with examples and role play. Have much better clarity on the POSH Act applicable. About applying the learning – yes, I have a huge takeaway and will be able to play the role of IC post this training. I cannot speak more highly of this ENTIRE FIRM and of course, I’m truly ecstatic and I highly recommend this firm.

Julie Clementina Senior Manager, Envista Corp

The Experience with POSH team is good, as the different webinars conducted by them were exceptional and a great learning for the IC team, we had learned new things and stand good to handle the case(if any) with not much difficulty. Really appreciate the wealth of knowledge and insights shared over the different webinars. Also the case studies shared during one of the session threw light on the various situations that may occur.

Mary Rodrigues Office Manager, HCT Sun (India) Pvt. Ltd.

POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act) is successfully seeking to enpower woment to fight against SH at workplace. Due to this act women can feel that their workplace is safe to work. This is also helping women build their identity. At every workplace this act should be adopted and followed for safe environment for women staff to feel comfortable in working. POSH team is helping many women in getting justice for the SH faced at work place. With the support of POSH team women can be confident enough to fight for their rights and feel comfortable as per her choice and not being forced with top management or senior co-workers incase of any SH situations.

Ritu Khanna Head Career Counselling & Teacher Training Coordinator – Senior School, Fountainhead School

We would like to take this opportunity to thank POSH team for conducting and Interactive session to educate our staff members and train IC committee members. Both the sessions were enlightening and appreciated by the participating teachers, administrative staff and IC committee members. The sessions were attended by over 250+ teaching and non-teaching staff members. The sessions were a combination of activities, videos, case scenarios, and real-life examples. A detailed discussion happened with the IC committee members giving them insights on how to handle a case, looking at different scenarios, do’s and dont’s, nitty-gritty of report, and other formal procedures. We wish you success in the future!

Dr. Prof. Meena S. Panse Presiding Officer, VJTI ICC

POSH team have done the Gender Sensitization – awareness programs at VJTI for students and staff. These programs were conducted very well by them. All sessions were very informative. The team was extremely sincere, punctual, cooperative and professional. Starting from what is sexual harassment to every aspect of the Law was covered in a systematic manner. All the students and staff highly appreciated the sessions.

Tarang Vadalikar HR Manager, Nvent

POSH team has been a great partner for the POSH related compliance and engagements. They have helped us set up internal processes , facilitated trainings & awareness sessions and helped with other compliance related activities. A set of highly qualified & competent individuals, together they are one of the most professional organizations in this space. Definitely recommended to organizations across domains, seeking quality POSH related support.

Shyju Menon Sr. HR Business Partner, Microchip

“POSH team” has all required expertise to support an organization in setting up the IC and complying with other related laws and procedures. The initial session for IC members conducted by Sumali Natarajan was a very interactive session. It covered all related topics from basics to real time cases, laws amendments etc. I recommend this session to all ICs to be able to understand and execute the law/ related Org policies effectively.

Ramita Seth HR Business Partner, DLT Labs

Thank you POSH team for the knowledge session and hence enlightening us with the guidelines on POSH. The content was well-structured, and made it easy for each one of us to understand the importance of it. The real-life examples were an additional aid, and thus the entire workshop was made very interactive and exciting. Thank you once again! Hope to have more such awareness sessions by POSH team.

Arnaz Kotwal Vice President, Legal at The Indian Hotels Company Limited

I have known Shivangi for several years now and have had the opportunity to work with her and her team very closely on some matters. With respect to the legal expertise and knowledge she and Sana bring in and the softer aspects that Samriti brings in, shows how good a team they are and have a 360 degree view of what complaints of sexual harassment may entail and how they may need to be handled in different situations. They also have a very good understanding of different industries and industry specific challenges organizations may face and are excellent at explaining nuances while conducting training as well. Wish you all the very best for your future endeavors.

Aman Verma Emergus India Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

POSH team is a unique combination of legal advisors and psychologist – one we didn’t come across while we were looking for assistance in complying with the law. You are doing a great job….All the best!

Ashish Bhakta Partner, ANB Legal

POSH team, a lot to offer in terms of expertise, experience and latest trends. The essentials of such specialised practice are present in the three verticals of the organisation. We appreciated the professional and practical approach while interacting with the team.

Veenu Kakkar POSH Practitioner

Recently I was trying to read a few things on the issue and came across your website, I particularly liked your effort on the recent related legal cases. It gives the reader an edge and arms the person with recent updates in super simple language. I immediately called the number given on your website and congratulated you team member on the efforts.

Sandhya Bhat Independent POSH Trainer

I conducted my first POSH training session (after your workshop) yesterday for a group of 30 employees. I want to thank all of you, because the session went really well. I used a lot of references from the workshop and training material and got really good feedback.

Shraddha Desai Lawyer (Employment Law)

I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge you for the program ‘The How & Why of POSH Compliance & Implementation in Current Times’ conducted by you Yesterday. Firstly, the program was well structured. Secondly, your style of answering questions was brilliant. So, thank you so much for doing that! I did leave the program with a much better understanding of the POSH Act!