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The 5 Best Reviewed POSH Awareness Training Options in 2024

POSH awareness training is becoming increasingly important in today’s world as companies strive to create a workplace culture of respect, diversity, and inclusion. This type of training is designed to educate employees on the concepts of positive, respectful, and inclusive behaviour. It is a way to build a stronger, more harmonious and inclusive workplace by providing employees with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need to be successful in their workplace. 

In India, we have a dedicated law named the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act (POSH Act) which was enforced in 2013. The objective of this act is to create safe workplaces for women in our country and protect their dignity. Although the law lays down detailed provisions with regards to the redressal mechanism, the spirit of the law is also in ensuring prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace. One way to achieve this is by disseminating information, not only about what the law says but also the impact that sexual harassment can have on various stakeholders involved at the workplace.  

Under the law, employer is primarily responsible to create safe workplaces free from any form of sexual harassment. One of the preventive steps which employer is mandated to take is to organise workshops and awareness programs at regular intervals for sensitising the employees with the legal provisions and programs for the Internal Committee (IC) members to equip them with the skills required to conduct POSH inquiries in a fair and just manner while ensuring it is within the ambit of the law.    

As we move towards completing a decade of the law this year, here are the five best reviewed POSH awareness training options- 

  1. ‘Train the Trainer’ Program – This program is designed to help trainers deliver effective POSH awareness training to their employees. It also helps in long term creation of local resources who can create awareness on a regular basis. 
  1. Online Courses – Online courses are a convenient way to get POSH awareness training. They offer flexibility and can be taken at anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. It can also cater to many people at a time and can be particularly beneficial for large companies. 
  1. In-Person Workshops – In-person workshops are a great way to get hands-on training and to network with other professionals. They also allow for more interactive and personalized learning.  
  1. Corporate Training Programs – These programs are customized to meet the specific needs of the company and its employees. The content is specifically curated for a particular company which makes it relatable for all the participants. Here, industry-specific trends are also discussed. 
  1. The Unconscious Bias Workshop – This type of POSH awareness training is designed to educate employees about unconscious bias and how it can impact their behaviour in the workplace. Such workshop covers a range of topics, including the definition of unconscious bias, how to recognize it, and how to create a more positive and inclusive workplace culture, among other things.  
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These five POSH awareness training options are the best reviewed for 2023. They offer organizations a range of tools to help them create a more inclusive and positive workplace culture, and provide employees with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need to be successful in their workplace. By investing in POSH awareness training, organizations can create a workplace culture of respect, diversity, and inclusion, which will ultimately lead to increased productivity, employee engagement, and overall business success. 

Equilibrio Advisory LLP provides all the aforementioned POSH awareness training options. We believe that sexual harassment at workplace does not only cause mental and/or physical damage to the person harassed but also seriously curtails opportunities at work by creating a discriminatory work environment. We believe that, in order to ensure equal participation and equal opportunity at work, it is extremely important to do away with discriminatory behaviour and re-instil the faith of employees/workers in the organization.  

You can access the details regarding the POSH awareness training programs that we conduct by clicking here and here. To organize training workshops for your employees, Internal Committee members, management, etc. you can reach out to us at connect@equilibrioadvisory.org.  Read more about the advantages of collaborating with us here

Disclaimer: Views are personal 

-By Adv. Bhumika Jain

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