future leaders program

7 Apr 2019 – Training of Future Leaders as part of IIT Bombay Initiative – Leadership for Academicians Programme (LEAP)

We were delight to be invited by IIT Bombay to deliver a lecture around the theme “Gender Related Issues” during the initiative – Leadership for Academicians Programme (LEAP) at IIT Bombay.

IIT Bombay organised LEAP, an initiative by MHRD, for potential academicians from Centrally Funded Technical Institutes to become future leaders. The participants (~30 members) in this program were senior faculty from several institutes of higher education having prior experience in administration. The program was aimed at developing next level of leadership in Academia through a 3 week long course. The idea was to impart a leader’s perspective in running large, complex and high impact organizations.

From a sexual harassment at workplace law perspective, we discussed the following with the participants:

  • Need for a gender balanced workplace
  • Sensitisation to professional etiquette
  • Loci of gender interactions in academic and academic administrative setting
  • Different strategies for student, staff and faculty groups
  • Understanding of varied workplaces and residential habitats
  • Creating conducive gender sensitive environment or protocols
  • Preempting inappropriate work environments and practices
  • Channels and mechanisms of expressing discomfort
  • Channels for escalation of complaint
  • Statutory and legal provisions and requirements
  • Institutional communication of the framework and of the gender related ethos to all the players

It was a great learning experience for us.

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