What am I feeling in this moment?

What am I feeling in this moment?

As human beings with complex emotions, this may not be an easy question to answer.

Often, we are feeling different emotions from moment to moment and maybe even experiencing many different emotions in a single moment.

What becomes helpful is to be able to identify and name what you are feeling most strongly. Is it anger that is churning within you? Is it fear, sadness, hopelessness, uncertainty?

It is OKAY to feel all this and more. It is OKAY to feel NOTHING at all, to be NUMB, SILENT.

We encourage you to embrace & acknowledge the emotions you are experiencing.

STAY with the EMOTION, with NO judgment & NO question



Can I name the emotion that I am experiencing right now?


How is this emotion influencing my thoughts and actions?


Is there something I would like to change about the way I'm responding?


Is there something I am doing that I would like to continue doing?


Tell us, is there a particular blend of emotions you are struggling with right now?

What are the tricks and tools you have used to deal with extreme emotions in the last year?

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