6th May 2022 – Stealthing and the Concept of Consent

6th May 2022 – Stealthing and the Concept of Consent

What is this event all about?

Stealthing has become a common trend though this form of abuse is not easy to identify. Questions like whether it can happen to people even in a long-term committed relationship and if this abuse is akin to rape and why does this even happen in the first place are areas that need to be more vividly understood. The event will aim to discuss these and many more such queries on the solutions around stealthing and the concept of consent.

Why must you join?

The legal aspects of stealthing in India, the debates across the globe it has risen on moral and legal grounds and how it is considered as rape under certain foreign laws are just some of the insights that will be a part of the event and will help raise awareness on the concept and its legal nuances. The event would further help in understanding how stealthing is related to unwanted pregnancies and STIs and whether or not it violates the concept of consent.

Date & Time  –  06th May 2022, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Modality  –  Virtual (Zoom)

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