Domestic Violence during lockdown

5 Jun 2020 – Domestic Violence against women during lockdown and beyond: Seeking solutions beyond borders and barriers

When it comes to abuse, you believe there’s no way out. There is always help. There is always a way out.” ― Rev. Donna Mulvey.

No one can or should ignore the deplorable rise of domestic violence against women across the globe. It will not be incorrect to mention that it is has turned out to be another pandemic during pandemic. Domestic violence was prevalent prior to lockdown, however during the lockdown, the number of incidents (reported ones) across the globe rose by two fold in most and even three fold in some countries. The harsh and grim reality is that during and even post the lockdown, possibility of number of incidents, continuing and surging seems inevitable. Statistics show that the victims and perpetrators of domestic violence come from all and every walks of life, strata or segment of the society. To endeavor enduring solutions, discussions and actions are required which are holistic and multi-dimensional. POSHequili, through this panel discussion attempts to address these concerns through deliberation and experience sharing by experts.

Our esteemed panelists included:

  • Dr. Affef Ben Mansour, Advocate – Public International Law, European Law, International Investment Arbitration and Commercial Arbitration
  • Chetna M Malaviya, Senior Vice President – Employee Relations, Edelweiss
  • Natasha Kher, Senior Manager, HR [Diversity and Inclusion] – Cognizant
  • Adv. Nausheen Yusuf, women rights lawyer and senior associate, at Majlis
  • Samriti Makkar Midha, Psychotherapist and Partner at POSHequili
  • Adv. Sana Hakim, Partner at POSHequili (Moderator)

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