Global Pandemic of Domestic Violence

4 Aug 2020 – Global Pandemic of Domestic Violence: Best Practices & Legal Solutions for Organizations and Survivor

The following was covered:

  • Domestic violence: Its varied forms and types
  • Intimate Partner Violence: Causes, symptoms, effects
  • Understanding cycle of abuse
  • Law on Domestic violence and simplification of its relevant provisions: Practical ways and means to take recourse to the law
  • Remedies available for survivors of domestic violence
  • Measures adopted at national and international level
  • Roles, responsibilities and accountability of organizations, government authorities in mitigating domestic violence
  • Preventive measures for domestic violence

All of the above was discussed through case studies, case laws and real life examples from the experience of the facilitator of handling cases of domestic violence

Beneficial for individuals across genders, HR, Legal, Ethics, compliance professionals or employees of organizations. Students, researchers, freelancers or any kind of enthusiasts or interested individuals in the field of prevention of gender-based violence, domestic violence and intimate partner violence           

Give Aways:

  • List of helpline numbers for rescue /counselling
  • Reference document collating aspects about identifying and handling signs of abuse, legal aspects of domestic violence and it’s redressal, along with measures that individuals and organisations need to and can take

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