NCPCR on Illegal Adoption of Children

NCPCR Writes Letter to Social Media Over Posts On Illegal Adoption of Children

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), has sent letter to Social Media platforms- Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The letter has been sent to seek information about the origin of the messages/posts/stories that advertised the adoption of children, who became orphan due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The said letter was sent as a follow up of the last week’s order of Supreme Court which stated the same. In the same light the NCPCR wrote this letter/order to say that, the process of adoption should take place in accordance to the procedure established by CARA under the Juvenile Justice Act will be held legal. Adoption by any other means except these will be held as illegal adoption.

In order to safeguard the lives of children, NCPCR has asked these social media platforms to provide the NCPCR with origin of such advertisements which directly or indirectly talks about direct Adoption of Children. NCPCR has asked the social media sites to report to the law enforcement authorities, or to the NCPCR about the posts/stories uploaded on their platform. The information that has to be shared to the NCPCR includes the following:

  1. Internet Protocol Address
  2. Origin of the Post (Where and When)
  3. Other necessary details which might be needed for investigation.

The NCPCR in its letter stated that appropriate action will be taken against the defaulters. NCPCR also stated that this is a serious matter that should be approached and treated with utmost commitment and goodwill by the offices.

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