eLearning module for IC Members

Who is it for? If you are an External Member and looking to understand your role in depth, this is the right module for you.

This is an Interactive Course designed by legal experts and psychologists to ensure that you educate & empower yourself and learn about your roles and responsibilities as an Internal Committee (IC)  Member under the POSH Law.

The 7 Part Module covers – 

  1. Introduction to the Role & Basics of a Complaint
  2. Handling of Complaints – Understanding Timelines
  3. Response from Respondent
  4. Understanding the Process of Conciliation & Inquiry
  5. Additional Measures – Learning about Nuances
  6. Report Writing
  7. Identifying Biases & Sensitive Interviewing
  8. Assessment & Healthy Practices

For how long will access be available? 1 Month from the date of receiving the joining credentials from us.

This also includes:

  1. Assessment & Certification
  2. Activity based interactive learning
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