IC Workshop April 2024 - Past Event

POSH Certification Workshop in April 2024

Date & Time: 20th April 2024: 10 AM to 5 PM | 21st April 2024: 10 AM to 12 PM
Modality: Virtual (Microsoft Teams)
SpeakersAdv. Sana Hakim & Bhumika Jain

Join our Exclusive POSH Certification Workshop, meticulously crafted and presented by a Pioneer firm boasting almost a decade of profound expertise, adeptly managing thousands of complaints under the POSH Act across industries of finance, education, insurance, medical, airline, manufacturing, IT sectors etc.

Points to be Covered:

👉 IC Member Liability: Are IC members personally liable for decisions?
👉 Navigating No Proof: What happens when there is no evidence?
👉 Minor’s Complaint: Can a minor file a POSH complaint?
👉 Experience of harassment intersecting with marginalized identities: When a person with disability/ trans person experiences harassment, which law would be applicable?
👉 Mental health & Harassment: What is IC’s role when sexual harassment is reported as a result of mental health concern?
👉 Character Assassination: How to address counter-complaints from respondents of mental harassment?

Workshop Details

Unearth Nuances, Master Compliance: An Intersectional Approach

Embark on an enlightening journey through the POSH Act 2013, delving into recent updates and dissecting crucial court judgments. Gain valuable insights into the intersectional nature of sexual harassment, incorporating perspectives on diversity, equity, inclusion, and mental health.

Who Should Attend:

Tailored for discerning professionals—IC members, independent consultants, EMS, HR leaders, and executives across diverse sectors including finance, education, insurance, healthcare, aviation, manufacturing, and IT.

  • Learn from facilitators with extensive experience in navigating intersectional challenges.
  • Strengthen IC roles with practical insights addressing DEI and mental health considerations.
  • Stay abreast of POSH compliance developments in an ever-evolving landscape.
  • Analyse intricacies through real-world case studies exploring intersectionality.
  • Engage with interactive content fostering inclusive discussions.

Certification & Rigorous Assessment:

Solidify your expertise! Opt for the assessment component to obtain formal certification. Participate in post-session dialogues seamlessly bridging theory and practical application.

Why Choose Our Workshop:

This highly anticipated webinar is meticulously tailored to broaden your understanding of sexual harassment as an intersectional experience. Elevate your professional journey and acquire multi-dimensional expertise through discussions on diversity, equity, inclusion, and mental health.

We will address the following intersectional questions amongst many others:

  • IC Member Liability: Explore the personal liability of IC members for decisions made.
  • Navigating No Proof: Learn strategies for handling cases when evidence is lacking.
  • Minor’s Complaint: Understand the process when a minor files a POSH complaint.
  • Education & POSH: Discover the applicability of the POSH Act to educational institutions.
  • Intersectional Harassment: Investigate the application of laws when harassment intersects with marginalized identities, such as disability or transgender status.
  • Mental Health & Harassment: Examine the IC’s role when sexual harassment is reported in the context of mental health concerns.
  • Addressing Counter-Complaints: Strategies for addressing counter-complaints from respondents of mental harassment.

Limited Enrolment:

Secure your spot promptly for this dynamic and succinct workshop. Don’t miss the chance to refine your skills and propel your career forward with a nuanced understanding of sexual harassment in today’s intersectional context.

Join us as we explore the intersectional dynamics of sexual harassment, deepening our understanding and commitment to fostering inclusive, safe, and equitable workplaces.

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