Campaign 1

POSH Act: Awareness at the ground level!

Here we are checking up with folx on how much information on POSH Law has really percolated, 10 years later!

This campaign is our effort to engage with people in different walks of life – and have an open, candid conversation about the level or awareness around POSH Act. Stay tuned!

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Campaign 2

Equilibrio Pledge: Counting to 100!

We are counting down! We at Equilibrio Advisory LLP through our vertical POSHequili, have been dedicated to spreading awareness about the POSH Law, and empowering individuals and organisations to know their rights and build inclusive policies to support the safety and wellbeing of ALL employees at work.

As we bring a spotlight to 10 years of POSH, we at Equilibrio pledge to conduct 100 POSH awareness sessions in the last quarter of 2023!

In order to fulfill this commitment of creating awareness, we will also be undertaking pro bono sessions in marginalized and vulnerable spaces. Stay tuned and support us with our endeavour!If you would like to organize a session and be part of this initiative write in to
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9th December 2023

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Countdown is finished!
6746+ People Covered in the Conducted Sessions

Campaign 3

Observing 16 Days of Activism

Equilibrio Advisory LLP, in collaboration with Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA), are proud to present a series of posters on the male gaze and men’s mental wellbeing. We thank MAVA for being lovely collaborators. We thank MAVA for being lovely collaborators.

These posters are our attempt to highlight how boys and men are conditioned throughout their lives by various stakeholders in their life.

Campaign 4

Launching POSHEQUILI: The Podcast Series

The sensitive subject of Sexual Harassment at the workplace is one that requires urgent attention and redressal, and it remains an uncomfortable, even intimidating, subject to broach. Through the podcast series, ‘PoshEquili’, in partnership with Timbre Media, our experts present practical, and empowering solutions which can help each of us create safer work environments that prize diversity, inclusion, and employee safety. This series explores issues like personal boundaries; unwelcome contact; inappropriate conduct ; sexual harassment law in India in a non legal manner. It also covers redressal mechanisms; online sexual harassment (especially in times of remote or hybrid work), and other aspects of interpersonal behaviour and communication, sensitising listeners to behaviours, and situations that can potentially make a workplace unsafe, while offering accessible solutions that are easy to implement.