Implementation of Law against Sexual Harassment

30 Jul 2020 – Compliance & Implementation of Law against Sexual Harassment in the New Normal

The following was covered:

  • Sexual Harassment: Definition, scope, types & criteria
  • Sexual harassment: physical vs. virtual
  • Impact of Sexual Harassment complaints
  • Workplace: What does it mean when Working from Home
  • Law against Sexual Harassment: Compliance requirements
  • Law against Sexual Harassment: Implementation & Challenges when working remotely
  • Complaints: By whom, Against whom
  • Internal Committee (IC): Role & Functions
  • Conducting Conciliation/Inquiry: In person & Virtually
  • Confidentiality: Importance & challenges
  • Drafting of Inquiry Report: Do’s & Don’ts and types & determinants of recommendations
  • Statutory Reporting

Beneficial for employees in the role of HR, legal, Ethics & Compliance etc. responsible for compliance of this law, those acting as IC members or are new inductees in IC and independent professionals working in this area or aspiring to work in this area (by being part of IC as External member or trainer or otherwise).

Also helpful for managers wanting to understand compliance requirements under law, conduct training within their organization or outside and wanting to know technicalities around handling complaints so that they can provide appropriate support to IC members.              

Give Aways: DOs & DON’Ts of Prevention of Sexual Harassment at ‘Virtual’ Workplace

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