Testing Of Children And Jail Inmates

Extensive Testing Of Children Is Undertaken In The Care Centers And Jail Inmates In The Prisons: Advocate General

The Tripura State Government has filed an affidavit on 22nd May 2021 stating that it has undertaken extensive steps for addressing the issue of spread of corona virus in orphanage and children care homes and the jails in the State. After filing of the said affidavit, further steps have been taken by the State administration and extensive testing of children in the care centres and jail inmates in the prisons is undertaken.

The Advocate General clarified that the allocation of oxygen by the Central Government to the State of Tripura is 10 metric tons per day and that the State also has oxygen production capacity of approximately 4 metric tons per day. He also stated under instructions that the State has storing capacity of 40 metric tons of oxygen at present and that should provide a sufficient buffer in case for unavoidable circumstances the supply chain gets temporarily disrupted.

– Esha Shah, Paralegal

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