4 Dec 2020 – Full-Day Workshop – Live Virtual Mock Inquiry

4 Dec 2020 – Full-Day Workshop – Live Virtual Mock Inquiry

Date – 4th December 2020
Time – 10:00am – 5:00pm (1:00pm – 2:00pm Lunch Break)

This Full-Day Workshop is specially designed for IC members to conduct a live Mock Inquiry with us and learn about the process of inquiry from a legal & practical perspective along the way. In this Workshop, IC members will themselves be able to conduct an inquiry and experience how it takes place (including virtually / from a remote set-up). They will also be able to experience the challenges in real-time and find solutions. Here are some of the topics we will discuss throughout the Workshop:

  1. Overview of conciliation & inquiry process
  2. Setting the guidelines for inquiry (including virtual) with parties
  3. Handling difficult situations faced by IC:
    a. What kind of interim reliefs can be given when working remotely? How to ensure implementation?
    b. Challenges arising from examination & cross-examination of Parties
    c. Challenges arising from examination & cross-examination of Witnesses
    d. Dealing with the challenge of confidentiality and privacy
    e. Dealing with administrative challenges associated with inquiries
    f. Gathering of evidence virtually and challenges associated with it
    g. Dealing with challenges arising from electronic communication & other social media platforms
    h. Role of Management in inquiries and outcome
  4. Understanding sensitive interviewing skills:
    a. Minimizing the influence of personal biases on the way inquiry is being conducted
    b. Focusing on ‘How’ to ask questions
    c. Skill of active listening, empathy, and paraphrasing
  5. Key things to keep in mind when drafting an inquiry report

Various kinds of complaints will also be discussed, basis our experience, and the entire session will be conducted through activities, discussions, case laws, case studies, etc.

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