21 – 23 Feb 2018 – POSH programs for NABARD

In 2018, we conducted several programs for National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). We conducted interactive sessions to educate & empower their employees about their rights as well as duties under the Law against Sexual Harassment and covered topics such as understanding the term ‘unwelcome’ and related concepts, understanding terms such as Sexual Harassment, Employee, Workplace etc. and what may lead to sexual harassment, understanding workplace harassment and
several other topics.

We also conducted programs for their managers and management. Interacting with IC members was also very interesting. We discussed with them their roles & responsibilities and topics were discussed keeping in mind the recent developments that had taken place under this Law in light of recent case laws of the Supreme Court and the various High Courts and cases reported by media along with touching upon our handling of real-life cases in such matters including counselling provided, inquiries & conciliations handled and the cases taken up for litigation.

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