15th July 2022 – POSH Inquiries: Concept & Nuances Around Examination and Cross Examination

Complaints of sexual harassment being sensitive in nature, need a pragmatic approach. The IC members fact finding can be enhanced by understanding nuances of recording statements, importance, and method of cross examination.

This interactive session through case studies, case laws, real life scenarios and role plays will cover: 

  • Points to keep in mind when a complaint is received by the IC
  • First meeting with the parties.
  • Important things to keep in mind while preparing for any inquiry meeting (virtual, in-person and hybrid)- documentation, communication and logistics.
  • Sensitivity and assertiveness: Skills required for IC and ways to hone them.
  • Examination and cross examination of the complainant, the respondent & witnesses-
    • Discussion on methodology, framing questions, recording statements and dos & don’ts
    • Dealing with practical situations few may include Complainant names other possible complainants or respondents, complainant not comfortable coming face to face with respondent, respondent does not want to question the complainant, witness fears retaliation etc

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