26th Nov 2021 – Employee Awareness

Interactive session to educate & empower employees /staff about their rights as well as duties under the Law against Sexual Harassment:

  • Understanding the term ‘unwelcome’ and related concepts
  • Understanding terms such as Sexual Harassment, Employee, Workplace etc. and what may lead to sexual harassment
  • Sexual harassment: physical vs. virtual
  • Sexual Harassment in work from home situation
  • Understanding the terms ‘quid pro quo’ and ‘hostile work environment’
  • Emphasizing on the purpose of Act and corresponding policy
  • Internal Committee (IC): Composition, Term, Removal
  • Procedure for filing & redressal of a complaint
  • Explaining Consequences of Malicious Complaints
  • Importance of maintaining confidentiality
  • Rights and duties of each employee
  • Preventive Measures (also focusing on do’s and don’ts while working from home)

Modality: Virtual

Duration: 1 hour

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