Allahabad High Court Asks UP Government About Their Future Plans For Covid

Allahabad High Court Asks UP Government About Their Future Plans For Covid

On 17th June 2021, The Allahabad High Court has asked the State Government to develop and come up with a road map to tackle with the Covid-19 pandemic, i.e. the future plans and unseen challenges, which as anticipated will “stay for a long time”. The court has asked the UP Government to share the plan of action they have taken up till now to face the pandemic so far.

The court also noticed that the people are not following the SOP’ and COVID 19 protocol, as they are still found violating the social distancing guidelines and masking norms etc. with utter ease and carelessness. The court also took cognizance of the fact that when the authorities take action against those who break the rules, they create unnecessary hue-cry over social media to gain sympathy and criticise the police unnecessarily.

The bench pointed out that the COVID-19 has massively affected the large cities and thus the consolidated and collated affidavit which would state the steps taken, which includes the vaccination drive for the state, must be submitted by the UP Government. The court also asked the state to ensure that the things mentioned in the file should be strictly implemented at grass roots level. Thus the UP Government is supposed to file an affidavit report regarding the status of pandemic and future steps to curtail its effect.

– Animesh Raizada, Intern

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