Free treatment to Mucormycosis Patients

Decide On Free Treatment To Mucormycosis Patients: Karnataka High Court To State

On 17th June 2021, The Karnataka High Court issued directions to the state to make decisions on providing free treatment to patients who are suffering from Mucormycosis, which is considered to be associated with those people who are suffering from COVID 19.

The State Government has submitted that the Mucormycosis disease is associated with the Coronavirus. This means, a person who gets infected with the Coronavirus is at high risk to get infected with Mucormycosis. So the Court does asked the State to take the necessary steps, and ensure that beds are kept reserved in the public hospitals for the patients, who are suffering from Mucormycosis. The State Government can also take action on providing with the free treatment to people who are suffering form the Black Fungus.

The State Government submitted to the court that till 17th June 2021, around 2817 patients were found suffering from the said disease, out of which 217 people have passed away due to Mucormycosis. On referring to this statistics the court directed BBMP, which is a local body to spread awareness campaigns about the Black Fungus, it’s impact and it’s relation with the Covid 19. The Court directed, After taking decisions for reserving beds, the state shall publish information about availability of beds for the treatment of Mucormycosis.

The court added that the State Government should immediately take decision on the above stated two Objectives so that a large of number of patients are benefited and less people die due to it. A number of COVID-19 centres were formed in order to meet the demand of the huge number of patients in the state during the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. The court directed the State to make sure that these services should not be discontinued even though the cases are declining, until the vision statement of the state is not prepared. Once the cases decline to the rate where there are no patients in such faculties for a long time, then the state can dismantle it.

– Animesh Raizada, Intern, POSHequili

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