Regular Testing And Vaccination

Gauhati HC asks the State Government to Prioritise Regular Testing And Vaccination Of Shopkeepers Including Vegetable Vendors

On 24th June 2021, The Gauhati High Court in the case of in-re Kohima, Nagaland versus 1:the State of Nagaland and 5 ors, suggested the State Government that vaccination and regular testing of daily working shopkeepers and vegetable vendors should be done on priority basis, as soon as possible. This decisions was taken after observing the way the virus spreads in the society.

Previously the court observed that people who belonged to higher economic status, had the privilege to avail the facility of home isolation. Thus at that time, the court directed the state government to ensure that the patients who have been recommended home isolation, have the sufficient rooms and facilities to do so. On the next hearing the state government assured the bench that the directions given by them are taken care of and mass vaccination in villages are being conducted.

Also it was submitted that the testing facility has been enhanced and are now available at every medical facility in the district area. Also it was observed that the vaccination drive has now been extended to the service providers such as the cab/taxi drivers, which is aimed to be completed as soon as possible.  

– Animesh Raizada, Intern

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