Immediate Relief To Daily Wage Workers

Gauhati HC Directs DLSA To Provide Immediate Relief To Daily Wage Workers Who Are Unable To Sustain Themselves During COVID 19 Phase

On 25th June 2021, in the case of Harunal Rashid v. State Of Assam, the Gauhati High Court has issued direction to the District Legal Service Authority to look after the plight of the marginalized daily wage workers who are residents of district Nagaon. These daily wage workers were not able to sustain themselves in the current situation of the pandemic, and thus the court ordered the DLSA to provide such people with immediate relief in the form of food and other basic necessities.

The bench also asked the DLSA to deploy their Para Legal volunteers to go to such areas and conduct surveys and submit the report of the same to the Secretary of DLSA. After this the secretary will then send the report to the Deputy Commissioner, who in turn will provide such families with immediate relief and other basic daily needs. It was also stated that the school children were also deprived of the mid-day meals these days and that should also be taken care of.

Similarly the court has also asked the DLSA in Kamrup, to identify and help the families who require assistance in the form of food grains and daily essential needs from the slum areas. Thus the court has asked the state government to reply and send the reports of the same within three weeks from now on the next hearing listed on 23rd July 2021.

– Animesh Raizada, Intern

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