Suo Moto COVID Case

Madras High Court Closes Suo Moto COVID Case And Asked Union and State To Take Appropriate Measure To Prepare For Next Wave

On 22nd June 2021, The Madras High Court gave closure to a suo motu COVID case and expressed that, appropriate measures would be undertaken by both Union and State Government, regarding the arrangements and preparation for the third wave of COVID 19 in India. The Government of Puducherry and Tamil Nadu are expected to work together with the Union Government in order to deal with any further increase of cases, if another wave comes in the country. The court has also observed that till now there are no scientific basis that the third wave of the virus will attack the children more.

The Court cautioned the state and quoted that, the facilities that have been developed during the second wave on emergency basis shall not be dismantled or discharged as of now. The reason being that in case a third wave comes up within next 4-6 months, the same can be handled and faced properly with proper functioning supplies and support system. The Court also observed that oxygen supplies were augmented and the ability for production of oxygen must be retained in excess quantities, in order to cover the demands near to the peak of the second wave. The court hoped that the vaccine supply has been increased so that the Vaccination of the citizens is completed in timely manner thereby reducing risk of spread and affect of the virus.

The court took account of some major points like:-

  1. Large scale awareness drives must be initiated to ensure that false news regarding the vaccines do not let people to stop themselves from taking the vaccines. People from all sort of background must be made aware about the vaccine and the spread of fake news must be reduced, with the help of frontline workers.
  2. The court also informed that Vaccination Drives are also undertaken in the High Court and District Court complexes across the state.
  3. The court highlighted that such suo motu proceedings have provided a platform to the State and Union Government to work together and ensure that there is adequate supply of oxygen, vaccine, other drugs and medicines alongwith with various other essentials to the States as well as the Union Territories.

Regarding the controversy of administration during the second wave, the court stated that, court never intended to take over the administration. The court just wanted to supervise the government at the time when the pandemic was raging at an alarming rate.

– Animesh Raizada, Intern

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