Government Is Unable To Tackle COVID19

Sikkim High Court Observed That State Government Is Unable To Tackle COVID 19 Due To Lack Of Adequate Planning

On 23rd June 2021, in the case of In Re : Covid 19 Management, The Sikkim High Court observed that even though the State has undertaken various steps in order to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic, there still isn’t any concrete policy to face the adverse consequences of the pandemic. The court said that now the state and nation has the experience of almost 2 years with the virus, which provides useful information to State that can be used to make a more systematic and well prepared plan of action. A systematic structure to tackle this situation has become the need of the hour.

The court has asked the State Technical Committee that this policy should be prepared in a week and must be presented before the third Wave hits the nation at it’s worst. The court has also asked the committee to take account of the guidelines that has been issued by Central Health Ministry to protect children and other vulnerable people of the society.

Taking the said issue in view vaccination drive must be accelerated for the people of Sikkim and wrap it up as soon as possible. The court also urged the central government to provide Sikkim with more vaccines. The state has been directed to work on the medical infrastructure in the state and prepare it accordingly to tackle the third wave. The other directions issued by the court to the state are:

  1. The state should increase the amount of testing in the state, till the point where the positivity rate (which currently is alarmingly high), is brought under control.
  2. The Centre and state should ensure adequate supply of vaccines in the state in order to achieve the goal of complete vaccination as soon as possible.
  3. State should submit the detailed report of all the measures and medical facilities that are being provided to the citizens.
  4. State must ensure that there is no shortage of oxygen support, ventilators and other medical equipments to the patients.

– Animesh Raizada, Intern

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